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Masters students and Part 2 architectural assistants Nada Shehab and Alastair Kent present 'Portraits of the City', from their Masters thesis research - recently awarded the GIA Parchment Prize.

This exhibition showcases pieces that hone in on the architectural languages represented throughout the city centre of Glasgow, Scotland. It features a series of architectural drawings and illustrations that provoke contemplation and discussion that attempt to deconstruct the true meaning and makers of the Glasgow Style. The exhibition culminates in a 'Glasgow Re-think' depicting images of reimagined Glasgow vistas and monuments that introduce contemporary architecture that conserves and celebrates the special character of its historic context - a character based on the rigorous analysis of resilient Glasgow buildings.

Preview Thurs 11 October, 17:30–21:00 - tickets are available here.

Open Fri 12 October - Sun 14 October, noon-6pm