Poster polli

A self-reflective piece by Finnish artist Lotta Pulkkinen

As a child we express emotions by being a creators of imaginary worlds and friends. As an adult we so often find ourselves longing to escape to the childhood to have a time and place for just dreaming and discussion with ourselves. It is a place where you are inside yet underneath the sky, where you have to watch your feet and where your movement is free from restrictions.

Pölli is a combination of art works which differ in form, function and execution. It demonstrates the creative process of painting evolving into an architectural element. As a whole the Pölli pavilion visualises the dialogue between art and architecture, and the importance of handcraft in this discussion.


Opening night on Friday 21.9. at 6-10pm
Open on Saturday 22.9. and Sunday 23.9. at 12-6pm

New Glasgow Society
1307 Argyle Street
Glasgow G3 8TL