Inside Out, the first solo exhibition from artist Allan Whyte, examines our relationship to the built environment through the prism of Mackintosh’s use of materials and light. This sculptural installation, at New Glasgow Society from 18-27 October, gives the public a unique opportunity to see art work created from materials salvaged from the Glasgow School of Art’s Mackintosh building.

The scorched wood, rusted nails and wooden panelling act as a connection to our fragile environment and, given the recent fire, put into sharp focus the significance and importance of Mackintosh. As an artwork, the installation uses that significance of material to examine our emotional relationship to physical objects through light and darkness - a consistent theme in Mackintosh’s work.

The installation consists of materials collected from the Mackintosh building over a two month period in early 2018, crucially, before the fire which decimated the building in June. These materials would have been unseen in the building whilst it was in use, but bear the scars of the 2014 fire which brought many to tears and almost destroyed one of the world’s most significant buildings. It is this relationship between the emotional and the physical that is the focus of this work.

18-27 October, 10am-4pm
Preview 18 October 6pm

Allan Whyte is an artist from Glasgow who has exhibited at Transmission, the Lighthouse, the Glasgow School of Art, Radiophrenia, Borealis (Norway), Resonance FM and Wave Farm (USA). After graduating from Glasgow School of Art (2017), Allan has devoted his time to community arts,  mostly working with young people with mental health issues from disadvantage backgrounds.