This message from Councillor Nina Baker may be of interest to members:

1.30pm Wednesday 24th Feb

... If you're not busy next Wednesday 24th Feb, you could pop in and listen to the Finance and Audit Scrutiny committee where I will be putting a detailed paper with some amendments to how the CGF (Common Good Fund) assets are managed and how the budget is spent. It starts at 13.30. Anyone can attend.

The current risk to the CGF assets comes not so much from C&SG (Culture and Sport Glasgow) but far more from the new ALEO, City Property (Glasgow) LLP, to which the council will be transferring the rights to the income from hundreds of income-generating properties in exchange for £120m. The titles to the properties are still legally the council's in most cases, although a small number have been already marked for sale. I won't go into all the details of the shear ineptitude of the report upon which this ghastly decision was made, but suffice to say that I pointed out a pile of fundamental errors and omissions...


Nina Baker