april, 2019

13apr10:00 am6:00 pmMarina Renée-Cemmick: Underlying Structures10:00 am - 6:00 pm NGS (West)


Event Details

Underlying Structures is a body of work considering the city landscape as a living breathing organism, growing and deteriorating in a perpetual cycle of change. It has arisen through the desire to reconnect with the body, through the awakening of the senses in relation to our surroundings. Wires and pipes like veins and arteries that feed our systems, are exposed. This landscape, like that of the body is in constant motion. Here figures stand in suspended animation, paused action; existing together but alone. They are the unseen labourers. By exposing hidden infrastructures that have become the frame on which we grow, develop, transform, and ultimately malfunction and decay, a patchwork of fractures that have been filled in and patched over leave the visible scars of human activity. There is a fragility within the complex structures we have created; one that is reflected in our own bodies and minds. Drawing on personal injury, I look at the action of healing wounds, of the body and of the structures we inhabit. Exploring tensions between strength and vulnerability, presence and absence, layers are built up and rubbed away. Finger and foot-prints mark the surface and remain as evidence of human action, creation and destruction. This is an exhibition of drawings, paintings and sculptures that investigate these concepts. Working in mediums including charcoal and pencil, oil paint and clay, Marina Renee-Cemmick combines industrial materials such as: lead, steal, aluminium and found objects from streets of Glasgow with traditional processes. This diverse body of work exposes the continuous human endeavour to repair and patch-up the damaged. And by drawing attention to the points of fragility, fracture and failure, we grow sensitive to the things that hold us up. https://www.marinareneecemmick.com/workers @marinareneecemmick 20% of all sales will be give to Second Chance Scotland. This is a non-profit organisation dedicated to helping the homeless. They work directly on the streets of Glasgow to provide food, hot drinks, and advice to those in need. In 2017-18, 28,792 households (including individuals and families) were assessed as homeless by their local authority according to Shelter Scotland. That equates to a household losing their home every 18 minutes.


(Saturday) 10:00 am - 6:00 pm


NGS (West)

1307 Argyle Street, Glasgow, G3 8TL