IMPORTANT: Rates have changed for 2017 onwards; these rates are described below.

We have a well-located space, with shopfront, used - at our discretion - for various exhibitions throughout the year. The venue is occasionally available free of charge to exhibitors who have an interesting and well presented show which is relevant to Glasgow, its built environment and architectural or social issues, and in sympathy with the Society's aims of promoting, protecting and raising interest in the City of Glasgow. If you wish to exhibit at NGS (and especially if you feel you can stimulate debate around issues facing the city), then please fill out the form at the foot of this page.

We also allow use of the space for contemporary and other exhibitions at corporate and non-corporate rates: corporate being for the benefit of professional bodies (for example as a venue for an architects' community consultation) - usually £150/day, and non-corporate for use by students or community organisations - usually £40/day. Utilities (electricity) used may be charged in addition, and the exhibitor must be responsible for invigilation staff and security, and the return of the space to its original state and condition. Payment of fees must be settled before any booking will be accepted.

Plans and information

Plans and elevations are available here, both as pdf and as CAD (DWG) files:

Gallery plan with shop front and internal elevations (pdf, to scale)

Gallery side elevation(pdf, to scale)

Gallery plan (CAD)

Gallery side elevation(CAD)

The legal maximum capacity of the space is 60 persons (if only the front area is available for a standing audience, the maximum capacity is 40 persons.)

Booking the gallery

If you wish to book the gallery, please complete and submit the form here.